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Buying America Back

The book that launched a movement

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Buying America Back: A Real Deal Blueprint for Restoring American Prosperity is a revolutionary book written by Alan Uke, owner of a manufacturing company who is passionate about keeping his operations and jobs in America, even in the face of the foreign competiveness and pressure to offshore jobs for profitability.

The book concisely describes how we arrived in our current economic crisis and provides an attainable solution for making our way out. It makes a case for a more complete and accurate country of origin label and shows consumers how they can use the information to bring back U.S. jobs and create new ones. Not only can consumers use the label to help the US economy, it can drive them toward higher quality items, and help them direct their money to countries that conform to their ideological principles, such as environmental and human rights standards.

Buying America Back also gives readers a valuable consumer tool--the second half of the book is a guide. It lists countries which are likely to show up on consumer product labels and provides basic consumer information and interesting notes about these countries. This includes the kind of items they produce, where they ship to, and how that country rates on various ideological issues.

"Buying America Back" by Alan Uke gives us a practical, attainable way we can restore the American economy and recreate jobs. Praised for being interesting, smart, and extremely readable, Buying America Back will change the way you think about spending.