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New Countries of Origin Label (COOL Label)

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New Countries of Origin Label

Just as Nutritional Information labels on food products show us how good they are for our health, we similarly need information labels on consumer products that show us how good they are for our economy. In order to boost jobs in America, we need to direct more of our consumer spending on American manufactured goods, or at least countries that practice balanced trade with America.

But we can’t do this without more accurate and complete information about where products actually come from. The new Countries of Origin Label (COOL) solves this problem. It gives each consumer a clearer picture of where their dollars are headed and who their money supports.

The three key aspects of the label:

  1. It tells you where the product’s components costs originated. It is only through showing a cost percentage breakdown that consumers will get an accurate idea of where money is going.
  2. It shows the trade balance of each country with America for the prior year. Consumers need to reward countries that also buy American products by purchasing their products in return. This type of spending helps our balance of trade and creates jobs producing exports.
  3. The label tells where the company’s headquarters are located. This tells consumers where the executive and upper level jobs are created, as well as to which country their profits and tax revenue are headed.